Source code for bonobo.examples.types.strings

Example on how to use symple python strings to communicate between transformations.

.. graphviz::

    digraph {
        rankdir = LR;
        stylesheet = "../_static/graphs.css";

        BEGIN [shape="point"];
        BEGIN -> "extract()" -> "transform(s: str)" -> "load(s: str)";

from random import randint

import bonobo

[docs]def extract(): yield 'foo' yield 'bar' yield 'baz'
[docs]def transform(s): return '{} ({})'.format(s.title(), randint(10, 99))
[docs]def load(s): print(s)
def get_graph(): return bonobo.Graph(extract, transform, load) if __name__ == '__main__': parser = bonobo.get_argument_parser() with bonobo.parse_args(parser):