Source code for bonobo.examples.datasets.fablabs

Extracts a list of fablabs in the world, restricted to the ones in france, then format its both for a nice console output
and a flat txt file.

.. graphviz::

    digraph {
        rankdir = LR;
        stylesheet = "../_static/graphs.css";

        BEGIN [shape="point"];
        BEGIN -> "ODS()" -> "normalize" -> "filter_france" -> "Tee()" -> "JsonWriter()";


import json

import bonobo
from bonobo import examples
from bonobo.contrib.opendatasoft import OpenDataSoftAPI
from import get_services

    import pycountry
except ImportError as exc:
    raise ImportError('You must install package "pycountry" to run this example.') from exc

API_DATASET = 'fablabs@public-us'
ROWS = 100

def _getlink(x):
    return x.get('url', None)

[docs]def normalize(row): result = { **row, 'links': list(filter(None, map(_getlink, json.loads(row.get('links'))))), 'country': pycountry.countries.get(alpha_2=row.get('country_code', '').upper()).name, } return result
[docs]def get_graph(graph=None, *, _limit=(), _print=()): graph = graph or bonobo.Graph() graph.add_chain( OpenDataSoftAPI(dataset=API_DATASET), *_limit, normalize, bonobo.UnpackItems(0), *_print, bonobo.JsonWriter(path='fablabs.json'), ) return graph
if __name__ == '__main__': parser = examples.get_argument_parser() with bonobo.parse_args(parser) as options:**examples.get_graph_options(options)), services=get_services())