Source code for bonobo.structs.bags

import itertools

from bonobo.constants import INHERIT_INPUT, LOOPBACK

__all__ = [

[docs]class Bag: """ Bags are simple datastructures that holds arguments and keyword arguments together, that may be applied to a callable. Example: >>> from bonobo import Bag >>> def myfunc(foo, *, bar): ... print(foo, bar) ... >>> bag = Bag('foo', bar='baz') >>> bag.apply(myfunc) foo baz A bag can inherit another bag, allowing to override only a few arguments without touching the parent. Example: >>> bag2 = Bag(bar='notbaz', _parent=bag) >>> bag2.apply(myfunc) foo notbaz """ default_flags = () def __init__(self, *args, _flags=None, _parent=None, **kwargs): self._flags = type(self).default_flags + (_flags or ()) self._parent = _parent self._args = args self._kwargs = kwargs @property def args(self): if self._parent is None: return self._args return ( *self._parent.args, *self._args, ) @property def kwargs(self): if self._parent is None: return self._kwargs return { **self._parent.kwargs, **self._kwargs, } @property def flags(self): return self._flags
[docs] def apply(self, func_or_iter, *args, **kwargs): if callable(func_or_iter): return func_or_iter(*args, *self.args, **kwargs, **self.kwargs) if len(args) == 0 and len(kwargs) == 0: try: iter(func_or_iter) def generator(): yield from func_or_iter return generator() except TypeError as exc: raise TypeError('Could not apply bag to {}.'.format(func_or_iter)) from exc raise TypeError('Could not apply bag to {}.'.format(func_or_iter))
[docs] def get(self): """ Get a 2 element tuple of this bag's args and kwargs. :return: tuple """ return self.args, self.kwargs
[docs] def extend(self, *args, **kwargs): return type(self)(*args, _parent=self, **kwargs)
[docs] def set_parent(self, parent): self._parent = parent
[docs] @classmethod def inherit(cls, *args, **kwargs): return cls(*args, _flags=(INHERIT_INPUT, ), **kwargs)
def __eq__(self, other): return isinstance(other, Bag) and other.args == self.args and other.kwargs == self.kwargs def __repr__(self): return '<{} ({})>'.format( type(self).__name__, ', '.join( itertools.chain( map(repr, self.args), ('{}={}'.format(k, repr(v)) for k, v in self.kwargs.items()), ) ) )
class LoopbackBag(Bag): default_flags = (LOOPBACK, )
[docs]class ErrorBag(Bag): pass