First steps

What is Bonobo?

Bonobo is an ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) framework for python 3.5. The goal is to define data-transformations, with python code in charge of handling similar shaped independant lines of data.

Bonobo is not a statistical or data-science tool. If you’re looking for a data-analysis tool in python, use Pandas.

Bonobo is a lean manufacturing assembly line for data that let you focus on the actual work instead of the plumbery.

Bonobo uses simple python and should be quick and easy to learn.


Warning: the documentation is still in progress. Although all content here should be accurate, you may feel a lack of completeness, for which we plaid guilty and apologize. If there is something blocking, please come on our slack channel and complain, we’ll figure something out. If there is something that did not block you but can be a no-go for others, please consider contributing to the docs.

What’s next?

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